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Citation Tools
The APA Wizard is designed to help you create an APA citation. It will take you through the steps for the most common types of cited works providing you with assistance on how to input specific information. As long as you enter the information correctly, the Wizard will result in a correct APA citation.

BibMe is a free auto-fill bibliographic generator that will format your bibliography to the main citation styles. It uses a search engine powered by World Cat to automatically produce the citation of a book and the engine also gathers basic information for other source types.

Bibomatic automatically creates a bibliography entry for any book. Simply enter in the book's ISBN and select the format. It can currently do MLA, APA, and Chicago formats. This is a great tool when writing research papers.

BibTeX has been widely in use since its introduction by Oren Patashnik 20 years ago. As the name suggests, it was intended to be used in combination with the typesetting system LaTeX, but it has become possible, for instance, to include BibTeX-bibliographies even in Word-Documents using third-party tools.
BibTeX utilizes a plain-text file-format which can be created and modified using an arbitrary text-editor by the user. There are tools in existence which provide a more convenient UI.

Citation Builder Pro gives you the flexibility to work from any computer, anywhere. It simultaneously allows you to create your bibliography, footnotes, and endnotes. Whether you add one source, or one hundred sources, simply save your work online and finish it later. Citation Builder Pro is compliant with the most recent editions of MLA, APA, CMS, CSE and Turabian.

Citation Builder Pro gives you the flexibility to work from any computer, anywhere. It simultaneously allows you to create your bibliography, footnotes, and endnotes. Whether you add one source, or one hundred sources, simply save your work online and fin

Citation Creation is a free to use online citation tool to create and format MLA, APA and Chicago styles easily, with helpful examples.

Citation Wizard currently offer three Citation Styles: APA, CSE, formerly known as CBE, and MLA. All feature specific templates for citing online Journals, Web pages with and without authors, electronic Books and Databases.

DocsCite is a step-by-step guide to putting government publication citations into proper style format.

EasyBib is an automatic bibliography composer. When you have sources you need to cite properly for your research paper, EasyBib will help you format your sources quickly and accurately. Millions of students a month use EasyBib to cite sources for their papers.

eTurabian is intended to assist you in properly citing resources according to Kate L. Turabian "A Manual for Writers of Term Papers, Theses, and Dissertations" 7th edition and MLA Manual 7th edition. It is not intended to serve as a substitute for these manuals.

Google Scholar indexes citations which can be analysed using the free program, Publish or Perish.
Google Scholar is good for disciplines not well covered by citation databases such as Scopus or Web of Science. However it is important to carefully check citation data from Google Scholar to ensure there are no duplicates or mid-attributions.

The Harvard Referencing System is one of the preferred layouts for these references. It is a relatively strict way of arranging the bibliographical information.
This tool takes in the raw information - author, title, year of publication - and creates the reference in the correct form.

Do you have trouble citing online/Internet sources properly? Simply link to this page on the course web page and save yourself and others valuable time.
This citation maker supports APA, MLA, BibTex and Refer citation styles.

JSTOR Citation Linking Tool has been designed to take submitted citation information and search the JSTOR archive for the desired item. The results of the search are returned on a web page, and include the article citation and a stable URL built upon this information. The resulting URL may be cut and pasted into existing web pages.

KnightCite is an online citation generator service provided by the Hekman Library of Calvin College. This service simplifies the often tedious task of compiling an accurate bibliography in the appropriate style by formatting the given data on a source into a reliable citation, eliminating the need to memorize minute details of style for multiple kinds of sources.

LDS Scripture Citation Index links from scriptures to the general conference talks, Journal of Discourses speeches, and writings in Teachings of the Prophet Joseph Smith that cite those scriptures.

MLA Auto-Generator is an incredible piece of free software that allows you to quickly and effortlessly format your documents' works cited lists in complete accordance with the latest MLA or APA style guidelines. MLA Auto-Generator will automatically churn out a perfect bibliography entry, every time.

Powerful note-taking software that promotes critical thinking and creativity combined with the most comprehensive and accurate MLA- and APA-style
Just need one or two quick citations? No need to log in or subscribe -- simply generate them in NoodleBib Express and copy and paste what you need into your document. Note: citations are not saved and cannot be exported to a word processor using this version of the tool.