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Date: 12/12/2018
Poor kids get free lessons for NTSE
IITRAM, with AMC has started project Dayatava where students coach underprivileged children for National level exam
Ahmedabad Mirror

Date: 13-11-2018
Bilateral Workshop on NEED-SEEKER CREATIVITY (22-23 October 2018)
Gujarat Samachar (Plus Ed.) Date:13 Nov.2018

Date: 31-10-2018
Divya Bhaskar City Bhaskar Page No._02

Date: 20-08-2018
Times Top Education Institutes

Date: 20-08-2018
Honoring the Best in Education

Date: 14-08-2018
Shikshan Sarvada 14-Aug. 2018 Page-3

Date: 12-07-2018
Change the society by educating the youth and students

Date: 14-04-2018
Organized By Co. Chairman Krupansh Desai and their team Indian Red Cross Society

Date: 25-03-2018
Sandesh Newspaper City Life Page No. 23

Date: 22-03-2018
Sandesh Newspaper City Life Page No. 23
Programme Theme : Big In The Small

Date: 01/02/2018
30th January 2018
Runners up Saurabh Mitra and Zeel Raj of IITRAM University Ahmedabad.

Date: 16/01/2018
Competition Success Review (CSR)
February 2018

Date: 21-12-2017
Director of IITRAM address the gathering and stressed the importance of good pedagogy for the students; including research with Innovation. Further he also said that Engineering graduates should also venture out start-ups & improve the entrepreneur skills
Sandesh City Life, Page #01 (Ahd, Edition)

Date: 02-11-2017
IITRAM Inter College Sports Festival
Sandesh (City Lite) Page No._02

Date: 01-11-2017
IITRAM Inter College Sports Festival
Divya Bhaskar (City Bhaskar) Page No._03

Date: 01-11-2017
IITRAM Inter College Sports Festival
Gujarat Samachar (Ahmedabad City) Page No._02