NEST - Nature Ecology Surroundings & Trekking NEST Club of IITRAM is involved in the ecological & greener methods to conserve nature and to spread & explore ideas & awareness for the conservation of ecology and nature. NEST club is established for making the students aware of four concepts from NEST - Nature, Ecology, Surroundings & Trekking. Since the group was entitled into the IITRAM family, it has engaged all the students & faculties into the activities like a visit to a POLO FOREST, TRIO Environment Day Celebration, Tree Plantation Day, MOUNT Abu Trekking Trip & Green Glance Paintography Competition. NEST organizes trips not for only fun & enjoyment but with the basic moto “ An individual at once must lay into the lap of MOTHER NATURE. ” Such kind of ecological trip helps us to understand how our Ecology & Surroundings must be maintained and conserved. The Yaado Ka Idiot Box ( Photo Gallery ) is very mesmerizing & enchanting us towards Mother Nature. With every successful event being organized by NEST, a memory is saved forever and ever to be remembered in the future. Even workshops, special Guest Lectures are organized by the NEST club. Even innovative & creative ideas are accepted from the students apart from the club members for organizing any event. Weekly group interaction is held among the group members. NEST club wants to be that one ray of hope among several others who wants to save and conserve our Earth. Do watch the Videos & Photos that are available.