Title Description Date Detail
Patent publicationPatent titled "Zero Vapor Loss Integrated Cryogen Phase Separator" is published by Dr. Navneet Khanna, Mr. Chetan Arawal (PhD Scholar) and Mr. Vivek Joshi (Final year Student) of Mechanical Engineering Department25-09-2017
Patent published by India Patent office.Patent titled "Concentrated Solar Power Tower with Receiver Installed at the Base," is published by Dr.Dipankar Deb and Mr.Chirag Rawat, 3rd Year Mechanical Engineering student.25-09-2017VIEW
Patent Publicationpatent titled, "Smart Imperceptible Door closing Systems with Integrated Monitoring" has been published by India Patent office.
Name of Inventor
1.Dr.Dipankar Deb
2.Dr. Abhishek Rawat
3.Dr. Navneet Khanna
4.Shreyansh Agrawal (Student of Electrical Engg)
5.Harsh Radadiya (Student of Mechanical Engg)
Dr.Dipankar Deb's US Patent grantedPatent titled "Systems and Methods for Model Based Control of Catalytic Converter Systems" is granted.22-05-17VIEW
Indian Patents Published by Dr.Axay MehtaPatent titled "Direct Power Control of Grid Connected DFIG using Variable Gain Super Twisting Algorithm, Indian Patent Application No. 201721015487" and "Discrete-time Sliding Mode Control for Networked Control System with Fractional Delay and Random Packet Loss, Indian Patent Application No. 201721015486" is published by Dr.Axay Mehta18-05-2017
Patent publication by Dr.Dipankar Deb Patent titled, "Method and Engine Controller for Diagnosing Waste Gate Valve Malfunction and Related Power Generation System" is published by Dr.Dipankar Deb31-03-2017VIEW
Patent publication by Dr.Dipankar Deb Patent titled, "Engine Controller and methods for controlling emission and power generation system using the same" is published by Dr.Dipankar Deb27-03-2017VIEW
Patent publication by Dr.Abhishek Rawat and Dr.Dipankar Deb Patent titled, "Methods and Systems for Data Rate Based Peripheral Security" is published by Dr.Abhishek Rawat and Dr.Dipankar Deb 28-02-2017VIEW
US patent application publicationUnited State Patent application publication by Prof.Dipankar Deb (Electrical Department) 09-01-2017VIEW
Publication by Civil and Electrical departmentPatent application publication by Civil and Electrical department27-12-2016VIEW