Mr. Shyam Chetty
( 19-09-2018 )
Glimpses into the Exciting World of Combat Aircrafts Design

Invited Talk on Glimpses into the Exciting World of Combat Aircraft Design [......] Read More >>

Mr. Visnunam Das
( 28-03-2018 )
Power of Intent

Power of Intent describes the desire to achieve one's goals. The various attributes required to achieve one's goals includes focus, determination, persistence, integrity and regulation in life. Focus comes from clarity of thoughts and ability to work on important goals rather than urgent goals. Determination is never give up approach. [......] Read More >>

Mr. Jaman Patel
( 24-11-2017 )
Gear Design and Manufacturing

Mr. Jaman Patel is known expert of Gear Design and Surface Treatment in INDIA. He visited the IITRAM campus and delivered expert talk about value addition to gear design and manufacturing, current market scenario and the major drivers of the business processes in INDIA. [......] Read More >>

Dr. A. K. A. Rathi
( 04-10-2017 )
Challenges for Engineers

The various global issues which needs attention of engineers are growth of population, depletion of national resources, increasing urbanization, climate change and industrialization. Increase in population requires more land, more water, more food production, more use of fertilizers and pesticides; resulting in deforestation and soil degradation, water shortage and deterioration in water quality. [......] Read More >>

Mr. Vivek P. Kapadia
( 27-09-2017 )
Qualities of an Engineer

Engineers’ need to develop various qualities for successful implementation of various projects. Engineer should give proper attention to working in modules with a holistic view. Complex tasks can be divided in modules of proper size and shape, however their position and sequence is equally important. [......] Read More >>

Dr. G.V. RAO
( 17-04-2017 )
Earth - Our Heritage, Geo-environmental Engineering Applications of Geosynthetics

Dr. G.V.Rao has established himself as a renowned academician, researcher, consultant, practitioners and leader in the field of geotechnical and transportation engineering. [......] Read More >>

Dr. Pankaj Poddar
( 04-04-2017 )
Renewal energy technologies: The present and future

Theoretical physicists, over the years have laid out the energy roadmap of the planet. Their prediction goes as far as 100 years from now that gives us fairly decent idea about the technologies of the future. [......] Read More >>

Prof. Alok Kanti Deb
( 15-03-2017 )
Automobile Engine Condition Monitoring

Automobile Engine Condition Monitoring by Prof. Alok Kanti Deb [......] Read More >>

Prof. C. S. Dalawat
( 02-03-2017 )
Solving Equations by Radicals, from Galois to Last Year

Prof. C. S. Dalawat from Harish Chandra Research Institute, Allahabad delivered a talk on "Solving Equations by Radicals, from Galois to Last Year." [......] Read More >>

Prof. G Karhadkar
( 18-02-2017 )
Art of Interview facing

Prof. Karhadkar is the former Head and Associate professor of Mechanical Engineering Department at M. S. University, Baroda and also a soft skills trainer, especially for vernacular students. [......] Read More >>

Prof. B.K. Rout
( 07-02-2017 )
Introduction to Robotics with a focus on challenges in Manufacturing Humanoids

BITS Pilani is the leading Institute in India to be involved in the development of indigenous humanoid named Acyut. Prof. B.K. Rout is the faculty advisor for the project sponsored by Government of India (Ministry of Information and Technology). [......] Read More >>

Dr. Ambesh Dixit
( 17-12-2016 )
Concentrated Solar Power Technology: An Indian Perspective

Dr. Ambesh Dixit, Assistant Professor, IIT Jodhpur [......] Read More >>

Prof. B. P. Chandrasekhar
( 06-12-2016 )
Scientific Development of Rural Roads: A Case study of PMGSY and Travel Demand Modelling and its Com

Prof. B. P. Chandrasekhar, Director (Technical) National Rural Road Development Authority (NRRDA) and Technical Advisor to Andra Pradesh State Rural Road Development Authority, APSRRDA, GoAP is invited for an expert talk. [......] Read More >>

Prof. Vikram M. Gadre
( 17-10-2016 )
Building Excellence in Professional Higher Education & Signal Processing and its Applications

Prof. Gadre is B.Tech and Ph.D from IIT Delhi. His research interest are Communication and signal processing, with emphasis on multiresolution and multirate signal processing, especially wavelets and filter banks: theory and applications. [......] Read More >>

Dr. Prabal Talukdar
( 05-10-2016 )
Numerical modelling of heat transfer in a reheating furnace

Dr. Prabal Talukdar Associate Professor, Department of Mechanical Engineering, IIT Delhi. [......] Read More >>

Dr. K. S. Parikh
( 02-04-2016 )
GPS, Remote Sensing and Oceanography

Dr. K.S. Parikh is well known scientist for outstanding work in development of the space programme of India and dedicated to ISRO, serving it in all his capacity. Dr. Parikh gave a presentation on present projects of ISRO [......] Read More >>

Ms. Surabhi Dewra
( 02-04-2016 )
Career Guidelines

A lecture on career guidelines was organized and Ms.Surabhi Dewra, founder of was invited. Career Guide provides expert counselling to students who want to be entrepreneurs and help to choose a right profession [......] Read More >>

Mr. Jagdish Salgaonkar
( 01-04-2016 )

Mr. Jagdish Salgaonkar, enlightened the audience on the smart city project DHOLERA SIR – Gujarat, which is currently in the planning stage. He shared his experience about working on smart city infrastructure and gave first - hand introduction to the key features of the upcoming DHOLERA SIR project [......] Read More >>

Ms. Nivedita Menon
( 01-04-2016 )
Design for Change

The guest lecture by Ms. Nivedita Menon who represented 'Design for Change' organization was a very enlightening one where she talked about cultivating 'I can' mindset in every individual. She explained her belief that there is no end [......] Read More >>

Prof. S. Ramachandran
( 30-09-2015 )
Global Warming: Aerosols and Ozone

Under the 'Popular Lecture Series' Prof. S. Ramachandran has delivered lecture on "Global Warming: Aerosols and Ozone" [......]

Prof. K.V.V Murthy
( 06-08-2015 )
Transition from Field Theory to Circuit Theory

Under the popular lecture series IITRAM, Prof. K.V.V Murthy has delivered lecture on "Transition from Field Theory to Circuit Theory" [......]

Prof. Tulsi Mukherjee
( 22-04-2015 )
Energy Security

Under the popular lecture series IITRAM, Prof. Tulsi Mukherjee has delivered lecture on "Energy Security" [......]

Prof. B. V. Kamath
( 15-04-2015 )
Philately: Science & Technology through stamps

Under the ‘Popular Lecture Series’, Dean of Students and Academic Affairs of IITRAM, Prof. Dr. B. V. Kamath has delivered an interesting lecture on Philately: Science & Technology through stamps [......]

Prof. K.C.Tiwari
( 08-04-2015 )
Understanding Hazards: A Key to Disaster Management

Under the 'Popular Lecture Series' Prof. K.C.Tiwari has delivered an interesting lecture on 'Understanding Hazards: A Key to Disaster Management' [......]

Dr. Anil Kane
( 01-04-2015 )
The Basics of Wind Energy and the Global Wind Energy Scenario

Under the 'Popular Lecture Series' Dr. Anil kane has delivered an interesting lecture on 'The Basics of Wind Energy and the Global Wind Energy Scenario' [......]

Dr. Ulrike Feudel
( 18-03-2015 )
Concepts of dynamical systems theory in environmental science

Concepts of dynamical systems theory in environmental science by Professor Ulrike Feudel, Oldenburg, Germany [......] Read More >>

Dr. Sudarshan Iyengar
( 10-09-2014 )
Gandhi’s Views on Economics

On 10th September, 2014 at 12.10 PM, students and faculty members got a chance to meet a pure Gandhian personality [......] Read More >>

Mr. Navin Ojha
( 27-08-2014 )
Energy Efficient Building and Cost Effective Solutions

Energy Efficient Building and Cost Effective Solutions [......]

Mr. Mihir Bhardwaj
( 26-08-2014 )
Araveli: The Lifeline of Gujarat

Very few of us are aware that the entire north-eastern region of Gujarat is relying over the heights of the Aravelis [......] Read More >>

Dr. Gagandeep Singh
( 20-08-2014 )
Editorial Workshop on Book Writing

Today on 20th August, 2014 IITRAM and CRC Press have jointly organized an "Editorial Workshop" on Book Writing. The purpose [......] Read More >>

Dr. B B Soneji
( 19-08-2014 )
How to Buy a Good Camera For You

The lecture was blended with demonstration of some antique cameras, colour film cameras (point and shoot & SLR) and currently available [......] Read More >>

Prof. S.C.Sahasrabudhe
( 13-08-2014 )
Prof. S.C.Sahastrabudhe spoke on 'Electronics'

The first ever lecture under Popular Lecture Series in the second academic year of IITRAM was addressed by Prof. S. C. Sahasrabudhe [......] Read More >>

Prof. C.S.Sharma
( 08-08-2014 )
Communication and Personality Development

Prof. C. S. Sharma, Coordinator, Communication & Life Skills Programme (Student Affairs Team) from IIT Gandhinagar, Visited the institute [......] Read More >>

Dr. Nita Khurana
( 07-08-2014 )
Personality Development Program

The session began with introducing the speaker to the students, who were present in large numbers. Dr. Nita Khurana started with greeting the students, and mentionin [......] Read More >>

Dr. R. Sharan
( 07-08-2014 )
Engineering and Ethics

Dr. R. Sharan is a vast experienced, knowledgeable visiting Professor at IIT Gandhinagar in Electrical Engineering. His subjects [......] Read More >>

Dr. Ketan Kotecha
( 06-08-2014 )
Critical and Creative Thinking

Dr. Ketan Kotecha, Director at Nirma University and the esteemed member of Academic Council, IITRAM gave an enlightening and thought provoking lecture [......] Read More >>

Prof. Anandsen Gupta
( 04-08-2014 )

We were honored to have Prof. Anand Sengupta with us during foundation program. He is an esteemed academician at IIT Gandhinagar. His talk [......] Read More >>

Jasbirkaur Thadani
( 01-08-2014 )

Foundation Program at Institute of Infrastructure Technology Research And Management began with the Counselling session by [......] Read More >>

Rahul Pardasani
( 01-08-2014 )
Media for Social Transformation

Rahul Pardasani, a photographer, documentary film maker, media consultant and social activist visited IITRAM and delivered [......] Read More >>

Prof. Chin-Kun Hu
( 30-07-2014 )
Education system of Taiwan

Prof. Chin-Kun Hu visited IITRAM from 25th July, 2014 to 31st July, 2014. Prof. Hu is a distinguished scientist at Institute of Physics, [......] Read More >>

Prof. B. V. Kamath
( 04-04-2014 )
World of Polymers: Past, Present and Future

Under the ‘Popular Lecture Series’, Dean of Students and Academic Affairs of IITRAM, Prof. Dr. B. V. Kamath has delivered [......] Read More >>

Prof. Sanjiv Kumar
( 22-02-2014 )
Electronic structure of atom- a conceptual development

Second lecture in this series was given by Prof. Sanjiv Kumar, School of Science, Indira Gandhi [......] Read More >>

Dr. Vijay Iyer
( 18-02-2014 )
Technological Transfer & Research Collaboration

Second Lecture in this popular lecture series was given by Dr. Vijay Iyer, Scientific Advisor, Science & Innovation (SIN), [......] Read More >>

Mr. Brain Brophy
( 27-01-2014 )
Credo and Presentation Skills

Hollywood Actor Brian Brophy visited IITRAM and [......] Read More >>

Prof. R. E. Amritkar
( 24-01-2014 )
Beauty of Fractals

First lecture in this series was given by known theoretical physicist Prof. R. E. Amritkar [......] Read More >>