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Patent Publicationpatent titled, "Smart Imperceptible Door closing Systems with Integrated Monitoring" has been published by India Patent office.
Name of Inventor
1.Dr.Dipankar Deb
2.Dr. Abhishek Rawat
3.Dr. Navneet Khanna
4.Shreyansh Agrawal (Student of Electrical Engg)
5.Harsh Radadiya (Student of Mechanical Engg)
4 papers with different students have been accepted at 6th International Conference On CERA, RoorkeeFollowing Research Papers are accepted:
1.R. Patel, and D. Deb, "Control-oriented Parametrized Models for Microbial Fuel Cells."
2. P. Patel, and D. Deb, "Battery State of Charge Based Algorithm for Optimal Wind Farm Power Management."
3.A. Gojiya, and D. Deb, "On Feasibility of Biomass Power Plant with Agricultural Waste Processing."
4.A. Shandilya, and D. Deb, "Cost Minimization in Multi Wind Farm Power Dispatch."
Project of Prof.Ajitkumar Parwani and Prof. Prasad Pokkunuri, is approved by SERBProject titled "Estimation of thermal boundary conditions for a cylindrical tube heat exchanger using efficient inverse heat transfer techniques" is approved by Science and Engineering Research Board (SERB).15-06-2017
Dr.Dipankar Deb's US Patent grantedPatent titled "Systems and Methods for Model Based Control of Catalytic Converter Systems" is granted.22-05-17VIEW
Indian Patents Published by Dr.Axay MehtaPatent titled "Direct Power Control of Grid Connected DFIG using Variable Gain Super Twisting Algorithm, Indian Patent Application No. 201721015487" and "Discrete-time Sliding Mode Control for Networked Control System with Fractional Delay and Random Packet Loss, Indian Patent Application No. 201721015486" is published by Dr.Axay Mehta18-05-2017
Faculties and Students participated in National Technology Day at VSSE, SAC, ISRO, Ahmedabad17-05-2017
Project of Prof.Navneet Khanna is approved by SERBProject titled "Design and Development of Energy Efficient Cryogenic Machining Facility for Heat Resistant Alloys and Carbon Fibre Composites" is approved by Science and Engineering Research Board (SERB).23-09-2016
Design, Manufacturing, Advanced Optimization Tools and CNC Programming 1 / 2 Week workshop Register Now04-05-2017VIEW
Bilateral WORKSHOP on Machining of Advanced Materials for Aeronautic Sector2 Days workshop Register Now04-05-2017VIEW
Paper publication by Dr.Manish SharmaResearch paper entitled as " A Parametrization Technique to Design Joint Time-Frequency Optimized Discrete-Time Biorthogonal Wavelet Bases" has been published in the international journal "Signal Processing" Elsevier (5-Year Impact Factor: 2.143 and SCImago Journal Rank (SJR): 1.119 ) by Dr.Manish Sharma.04-05-2017VIEW
Student of Electrical Engineering has secured admission at University of Florida, Gainesville.Pranav Patel from Electrical Engineering has secured an Admit offer for MS with ($1500 per Semester Achievement Award for 3 Semesters) at University of Florida, Gainesville.17-04-2017
Paper publication by Dr.Abhishek RawatPaper titled, "Design Analysis of Octagonal-Shaped Microstrip Patch Antenna at 5.70 and 8.00 GHz" is published by Dr.Abhishek Rawat31-03-2017
Patent publication by Dr.Dipankar Deb Patent titled, "Method and Engine Controller for Diagnosing Waste Gate Valve Malfunction and Related Power Generation System" is published by Dr.Dipankar Deb31-03-2017VIEW
Patent publication by Dr.Dipankar Deb Patent titled, "Engine Controller and methods for controlling emission and power generation system using the same" is published by Dr.Dipankar Deb27-03-2017VIEW
E-Yantra Team eligible for class B awardAs per the results declared by the e-Yantra IIT Bombay, Our e-Yantra Team eligible for class B award which includes cash prize of Rs 4000.0014-03-2017
Elocution competition on Khadi for Nation-Khadi for FashionThe subject of competition was Khadi for Nation - Khadi for Fashion. According to KCG guideline for evaluation, Kishan Patel got the third place, Tripathi Dharmagna was on second position and Saloni Singh got the First position in the competition. 01-03-2017VIEW
Final Year B.Tech Civil Engineering student has been selected for MS at Georgia Tech., Atlanta. Deep Patel, Final Year B.Tech Civil Engineering student, has been received admit offer on his selection for MS in Urban Planning at Georgia Tech., Atlanta.01-03-2017
Patent publication by Dr.Abhishek Rawat and Dr.Dipankar Deb Patent titled, "Methods and Systems for Data Rate Based Peripheral Security" is published by Dr.Abhishek Rawat and Dr.Dipankar Deb 28-02-2017VIEW
'Carrom Team' of IITRAM has bagged 2nd position in Petro Cup'17 ; sports fest of PDPU, Gandhinagar'Carrom Team' of IITRAM has bagged 2nd position in Petro Cup'17 ; sports fest of PDPU, Gandhinagar. The team members were Akash Vijaywarda, Ravi Prajapati, Kaushal Jhankal and Jaymit Surve.22-02-2017
Papers of Mechanical Engineering M.Tech students have been accepted for presentation at ICMPC 2017.A Paper titled "Study the effect of process parameters in plasma arc cutting on Quard-400 material using analysis of variance" and "An Experimental Study of Surface Roughness Variation in End Milling of Super Duplex 2507 Stainless Steel" of Mechanical Engineering M.Tech students (Parthkumar Patel, Shrekumar Soni, Jay Airao and Bhavesh Chaudhary) have been accepted for presentation at ICMPC 2017, Hyderabad under the guidance of Prof. Navneet Khanna.09-02-2017
Prof.Dipankar Deb and Student's paper has been selected at IEEE ICIT 2017, TorontoA technical paper titled "Automated Cleaning of Wind Turbine Blades With No Downtime" by Mrunal Patel (Undergrad, Electrical Engineering), Himmat Singh (Undergrad, Civil Engineering) and Prof.Dipankar Deb, has been accepted to IEEE International Conference on Industrial Technology, Toronto, March 22-25, 201702-08-2017VIEW
FY B Tech student presented her research paper in international conferenceFY B Tech student of Civil Engineering presented her research in international conference TACSAS in Nanded Maharashtra.27-01-2017
Project of Prof. Sourav Das is approved by SERB in Chemisty.Project titled "Design of multisite coordinating ligands for the assembly of molecular magnets based on 3d/4f and 4f metal cluster" is approved by Science and Engineering Research Board(SERB). 25-01-2017
Prof.Navneet Khanna delivered talk at Ljubljana University, Slovenia.Prof.Navneet Khanna delivered talk on 'Oppourtunities for Cryogenic Machining in Growing Indian Manufacturing Industry and Possible Areas of Joint Collaborations' at Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, Ljubljana University, Slovenia.20-01-2017
Prof.Navneet Khanna delivered talk at Clement Ader Institute (ICA, CNRS UMR 5312), Toulouse, FranceProf.Navneet Khanna gave a Talk/Presentation on "Manufacturing of Titanium Parts for Aerospace Companies and Future of CFRP/Ti Stacks in Aerospace Sector" at Clement Ader Institute (ICA, CNRS UMR 5312), Toulouse, France.17-01-2017
Project of Prof.Dheeraj Kumar Singh is approved by SERBProject titled "Molecular Structure and Vibrational Dynamics of Ionic Liquids and their Binary Mixtures" is approved by SERB12-01-2017
Project of Prof.Bhingole Pramod is approved by SERBProject titled "Fabrication, surface modification and evaluation of bioceramic hydroxyapatite coated with HVOF on Mg/Al alloy foam sandwich composite structure similar to the natural bone for the bone implant applications" is approved by Science and Engineering Research Board (SERB).11-01-2017
US patent application publicationUnited State Patent application publication by Prof.Dipankar Deb (Electrical Department) 09-01-2017VIEW
Student project is selected under ICREATE SPARK-UP IDEA FUND PROGRAM Student project submitted under the scheme "Start-up" entitled "Eco-Impulse-An Autonomous water free Solar panel cleaning Bot" is selected under ICREATE SPARK-UP IDEA FUND PROGRAM and got an initial research fund/project fund of Rs. 50,000.0007-01-2017
Student research paper is selected at the first international conference on SMPM 2017Student research paper on Cryogenic Machining of Super alloys used in Aerospace Industry, is selected at 'The first international conference on Sustainable Materials Processing and Manufacturing ' held by University of Johannesburg31-12-2016VIEW
Publication by Civil and Electrical departmentPatent application publication by Civil and Electrical department27-12-2016VIEW
Faculty and Student's paper is selected at Power and Energy Conference at Illinois, Feb 23-24, 2017The paper is titled "Optimized Hybrid Wind Power Generation With Forecasting Algorithms and Battery Life Considerations"15-12-2016VIEW
E-Yantra WorkshopTwo Day Workshop "Introduction to Robotics and Embedded Systems" (November 18-19,2016)17-11-2016VIEW
IITRAM has signed MoU with SAC ISROFor IRNSS Navigation Receiver Field Trial and Data Collection on 15 Sep 201615-09-2016
Elocution Competition by Institution of Engineers (India) 24-08-2016VIEW
Foundation Program ( 2016-17 )Foundation Program ( 2016-17 )16-08-2016VIEW
Independence Day Celebration15-08-2016VIEW
CSR Top Institutes of India Award - 201624-04-2016VIEW
Ansys Training Program at IITRAM19-03-2016VIEW
Seminar on StartupIndia Initiative & Entrepreneurship09-03-2016VIEW
IITRAM honoured with Innovative Education Awards 201618-02-2016VIEW
Student's research paper selected in IEEE IC-SSS 2015 conference10-02-2016VIEW
Oral Presentation EventOral Presentation on 19th September, 2015 under the course English Communication19-09-2015VIEW
Project Management when it comes to Heritage ConstructionProject Management when it comes to Heritage Construction by Rousha Rudgar11-08-2015VIEW
Dramastic Workshop at IITRAMDramastic Workshop at IITRAM on 10th August 201510-08-2015VIEW
SIEMENS Mechatronic System Certification ProgramSIEMENS Mechatronic System Certification Program from 03 to 07, august 201526-7-2015VIEW
Hands on Training Civil 5th semester studentsHands on Training civil 5th semester students in the field at kachchh from 14 to 18, July 201518-7-2015VIEW
19th Most Coveted Engineering College Declared by MintIITRAM declared as 19th Most Coveted Engineering Collge by Mint-India's second largest business newspaper.09-7-2015VIEW
IITRAM won ABP News NATIONAL EDUCATION AWARDS 2015IITRAM is honored by ABP News with National Education Awards 2015.09-7-2015VIEW
Field Visit to Kotarpur Water WorksOn April 4 and 18, 2015, second semester students of IITRAM visited the Kotarpur Water Works18-4-2015VIEW
A Short Term Training Program on RAPID PROTOTYPINGA Short Term Training Program on RAPID PROTOTYPING from 06 to 10, April 201526-3-2015VIEW
International Women’s Day CelebrationWomen’s Development Cell, IITRAM, Ahmedabad conducted an interactive seminar “Meet The Women Scientists” on 11th March 201511-3-2015VIEW
E-Yantra WorkshopE-Yantra is a project to spread Embedded systems and Robotics education in colleges across India. The e-Yantra...21-2-2015VIEW
Field Visit to Kirloskar Water Pumping StationField Visit to Kirloskar Water Pumping Station Site ( KWPSS ) on 31st January & 7th February, 201507-2-2015VIEW
Field Visit to GIDM and Adani ShantigramField Visit to GIDM and Adani Shantigram on 31st January & 7th February, 201507-2-2015VIEW
Drawing Competition at IITRAMDrawing Competition at IITRAM on Gandhi Nirvan Din30-1-2015VIEW
Course on CIM Systems18-12-2014VIEW
Advertisement CompetitionIITRAM, organized Advertisement Competition, on 15th November 2014, to motivate the creativity of the students19-11-2014VIEW
Faculty Training & Development Program10-11-2014VIEW
Group Discussion CompetitionUnder the course English Communication HS-101, IITRAM organizes a Group Discussion Competition for all the Semester I students.26-9-2014VIEW
Curtain Raiser of COEA curtain raiser event for faculties as well as students was organized on 16th September 2014 in two sessions16-9-2014VIEW
Winners of Photography CompetitionWinners of Photography Competition at IITRAM15-8-2014VIEW
Photography Competition at IITRAMPhotography Competition at IITRAM under Paintography Club9-8-2014VIEW
Heritage Walk Heritage Walk of Ahmedabad9-8-2014VIEW
Music by Dr. Srinivas ReddyHindustani raga on the sitar by Dr. Srinivas Reddy7-8-2014VIEW
Inauguration of COE at IITRAMInauguration of Center Of Excellence 12-8-2014VIEW
Report on Foundation ProgramReport on Foundation Program10-8-2014VIEW
Poster Presentation Event at IITRAMAfter summer internship, To review and motivate the students further, a poster presentation event was held at IITRAM on 5th August 2014.05-8-2014VIEW
Orientation Program ( 2014 )Orientation Program ( 2014 )22-7-2014VIEW
Foundation Program ( 2014 )Foundation Program ( 2014 )22-7-2014VIEW
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