We recently developed highly equipped electrical Machine laboratory in our college. It has sufficient space and good quality machines to demonstrate various electrical machines used as drives in industries. Specifications and terminals of all the equipment have been displayed on the work table.
The department has established many laboratories to cater to the needs of the present day syllabus.
This lab is fully equipped with equipment like motors, generator (both A.C and D.C.), transformers, all measuring instruments (voltmeters, ammeters, watt-meters, and energy meters), rheostats, capacitors, inductors, to conduct the experiments.
It is used at undergraduate level for studying the characteristics and operation of Single Phase and Three Phase Transformer, Dc, Induction, Synchronous and Special Electrical Machines. The subjects that are covered in this laboratory include: characteristics of dc motors and dc generators (separate, series, shunt and compound), determining the parameters and performance characteristics of transformers, starting methods, control and performance of 3-phase induction motors synchronisation of alternators, parallel operation of 3 phase transformers and many more.