A Civil engineering graduate has to deal with various materials useful for the construction of buildings, bridges, roads etc. Those materials are bricks, cement, wood, aggregates, concrete, bitumen etc. A civil engineer must have knowledge of physical properties of these materials. So, in Construction Material Laboratory, we are giving the knowledge of density, specific gravity, strength, ductility of various construction materials.

Further, it is very much important to have some idea of strength of concrete structures already constructed. The strength of concrete structures can be determined by various Non-Destructive Testing (NDT). In the construction material lab, various NDTs are included for the determination of strength of concrete, cracks, no and diameter of reinforcing bars.
The lab is in developing stage and following equipments/instruments/machines have been procured so far.
Los Angeles abrasion testing machine
Blain Air Permeability apparatus
Slump test mould
Length gauge
Thickness gauge
Le-Chatellier apparatus
Cube moulds 150 mm size
Cube mould 70.7 mm size
Purchase orders have been issued for the following equipments/instruments/machines:
Rebound hammer
Ultra sonic pulse velocity tester
Rebar detector and cover meter
Aggregate impact testing machine
Compacting factor test apparatus
Cement cube vibrating machine
Platform vibrator
Vicat apparatus
Motorised Sieve shaker
Bitumen - penetration test apparatus
flash point test apparatus
ductility test apparatus
viscosity test apparatus
Electronic platform weighing machine 100 kg
Electronic weighing machine 10 kg
Electronic balance 250 gm
Cylindrical mould 150 mm x 300 mm