Transportation and its infrastructure is vital for socio-economic and technological growth of a nation. The major contribution of transportation engineering division is related to the wide spectrum of pavement material, pavement design and performance, road condition monitoring, pavement deterioration modeling, traffic engineering and management and improved transportation planning technology for emerging urban needs, transportation planning, traffic engineering, road safety and environmental problems. To strengthen the academic activities in the field of transportation, Transportation Engineering Laboratory at IITRAM is equipped with state of art instruments/equipment.
Future R&D programmes in nutshell of IITRAM will be focus on safe, speedy and efficient road transportation system with minimal cost of travel with efficient transportation infrastructure. The laboratory equipped with best instruments for testing of various road construction materials as under and still is in developing stage.
Testing of mechanical properties of aggregates:
Aggregate Impact Value (Impact Tester)
Abrasion Value (Los Angeles Abrasion Testing Machine)
Bulk Density, void and bulking ((Density Basket, Cylindrical Measures)
Specific gravity and water absorption (Buoyancy Balance)
Shape test (Length Gauge and Thickness Gauge)
Crushing value apparatus (Crushing Value Apparatus)
Sieve Analysis (Sets of Sieves)
Testing of Bitumen/Asphalt:
Penetration Test (Universal Penetrometer)
Softening Test (Ring and Ball Apparatus)
Ductility Test (Digital Ductility Machine)
Flash and Fire Test (Pensky-Martens Apparatus)
Viscosity Test (Absolute Viscosity- Cannon Manning/Fenske Viscometer)
Viscosity Test (Standard Tar Viscometer)
Pavement Design and Evaluation:
Mix Design Digital Marshal Stability Apparatus
Centrifuge Extractor
Benkelman Beam
Traffic Analysis:
Radar Gun
High Digital Camera (under procurement)
R&D Work:
Road Material Testing
Pavement Design
Traffic Engineering