Fluid mechanics has a wide application in the field of engineering. To an engineer, thus it is crucial to study the basic principles and an application of fluid mechanics. To be specific, for Mechanical Engineering students, designing turbines, heat exchangers etc. are the study of interest. Structure for supplying water, such as irrigation canals, water supply system as well as storage structure like dams and protection against flood, that is flood wall are all fall within the scope of Civil Engineering. Designing the structures/ equipments, based on their area of application leads one to study the basic theory behind it.
The purpose of Hydraulics lab is to look insight into the fluids and to understand the basic principles and the phenomenon of the fluid flow. The laboratory is equipped with following instruments
Hydraulic bench
Types of notches/weirs for flow measurements through open channel
Types of orifices/ mouthpieces for flow measurements through tank
Venturimeter apparatus
Orificemeter apparatus
Bernoulliís theorem apparatus
Reynolds experiment apparatus
Stokeís law apparatus
Friction factor apparatus
Impact of jet apparatus
Free and forced vortex apparatus