With rapid advancements in the field of built environment, Environmental Engineering strives to protect the one world we live in. Environmental Engineering deals with water and air quality, solid waste management, sustainable resource management, and environmental biotechnology, to name a few. With a knowledge in the latest developments in Environmental Engineering, Civil Engineers can positively affect the quality of life.
To impart knowledge in the field of Environmental Engineering for the undergraduate students, a laboratory is being developed at IITRAM. Through this laboratory course, the students will be given hands on experience to latest environmental analysis methods. Following is the list of facilities available to date / in near future:
Available basic facilities:
BOD incubator
Trinocular microscope
Jar test apparatus
Muffle furnace
Dissolved oxygen meter
Deep freezer
Turbidity meter
Research facilities:
Total organic carbon analyser (TOC, Schmidzu)
Ion chromatography (VoltIC, Metrohm)
Automatic weather station (Sutron)
To be procured shortly:
Hot air oven
Horizontal laminar flowhood
Weighing balance
COD digester
High volume sampler
Water distillation unit